Demo4Grid – Electrolysis plant in Völs near Innsbruck will be presented at the EU Hydrogen Research Days on 15 November 2023 | 15:45 – 17:15

The EU Hydrogen Research Days aim to give an overview on the progress of the Clean Hydrogen JU funded projects.

The Demo4Grid project stands for the “Demonstration of a Pessurized Alkaline Electrolyser for Grid Balancing Services”. The main aim of the electrolyis plant, which was build within this project in Völs near Innsbruck was the commercial set-up and demonstration of a technical solu­tion utilising above-state-of-the-art pressurised alkaline electrolyser technology to provide grid-balancing Services in real operational and market conditions.
Nikolaus Fleischhacker, CEO of FEN Research GmbH at the Green Energy Center Europe in Innsbruck gives an overview of the most important challenges and achievements of the Demo4Grid research project.